Gratitude for Michael Newton and Life Between Lives®

Gratitude for Michael Newton and Life Between Lives

I’m so grateful for Michael Newton. Not only did he discover our Life Between Lives. But he went on to research 7,000 LBL cases. And he was brave enough to share his findings with the world when he published Journey of Souls. What Gift Did Michael Newton Give to Us? We learned how our Life … Read more

Rest and Recharge, Earthlings

It’s important to take time off for yourself. We’re actually more productive and more successful when we take time out to recharge and nourish ourselves. Some countries take a month of vacation every summer. But, in our culture, we push till we drop and we’re lucky if we get a week or two of vacation.  … Read more

Be the Hero in Your Story!

We started the year by sharing our intentions.  Do you remember what you wanted to manifest this year? Or as you reflect now, do you have a sense of what you would like to bring into your life this year? This month? Today?  So many questions with so many possibilities… And remember, you are the … Read more

Be a Playful Soul

Be a Playful Soul

PLAY… The definition of play: Engaging in an activity for fun with no purpose. When we’re kids, we’re playful. We don’t worry about what others think about us having fun and enjoying ourselves.  As we get older, we may forget what it’s like to play and we may even stop playing altogether. But, play is … Read more

How to Be Happy

Be a Playful Soul

At times, we find ourselves comparing our lives with the lives of those around us. This can leave us feeling like we’re behind or not good enough. It’s important to remember that our life experiences are our own. And it doesn’t do any good to compare ourselves to others. Life isn’t a competition or a … Read more

Is it Time for a Reset?


Did you know? A lot of planning goes into each of your lives…  You, your soul group, your council, your spirit guide, and others all work together to set up opportunities for you to learn the lessons you chose for each life. Every life is an opportunity to continue working on lessons from a past … Read more

Do You Believe in Soulmates?


Do you believe in soulmates? I don’t mean lust-mates. I mean deep lasting love that you have had with someone special over many lifetimes.   On the other side, we are all connected as ONE. But, our souls still have unique personalities and special relationships. In fact, we each have a family of souls, a soul … Read more

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