Reflections on our 3-Day Immortal Soul Journey Retreat in Malibu

LBL spiritual retreat

Thank you John, for your beautiful words about our LBL spiritual retreat… Our Shared Spring We drink the infinity of our shared SpringFelt in those moments, when our hearts danced As light and water Over the Steadfast Rocks. Each breath shakes the fragile fabric Of our togetherness.My friend, your touch flows through my heartTrickles, Falls, SplashesInto the … Read more

After Death Communication: Sharing Messages from Loved Ones During the Holidays

The holidays are a special time. But it’s also when we really miss our loved ones. As you may know, losing my dog started me on my LBL journey. And I’ve been seeing her name, Mia, around this week. I feel like she’s just saying “hi” and letting me know she’s with me. I’m also missing … Read more

We made the list! Top Life-Changing Retreats in California

Top Spiritual Retreats in California Retreats in California

We are thrilled to announce that our “Immortal Soul Journey” retreat in Malibu has been listed among California’s top spiritual retreats. Exciting news, everyone! Our Life Between Lives Hypnosis Malibu retreat has been named one of California’s top life-changing spiritual retreats! We are thrilled to be recognized for our 3-day “Immortal Soul Journey” Life Between … Read more

She was Moses in her Past Life Regression!

No one was more surprised than Shelly to discover that she was Moses in a past life.

Shelly emerged in 200 BC in Egypt or rural Mesopotamia, as a 28-year-old olive-skinned man. The man was wearing a burlap tunic and sandals.

An Amazing Life Between Lives© Spiritual Retreat in Malibu

Meditation Retreat

What an AMAZING weekend in Malibu for our second spiritual retreat! First, the soul messages came… then incredible stories of past lives and life between lives… tears… and laughter… vulnerability… and connection… our lives forever changed by our time together. 💜✨🥰 They came from Maryland, Oklahoma, and all over California. We were 15 in total. … Read more

Past Life + Spirit Guide Session: A Greek Artist Missed His Chance  

In Maggie’s initial past life session, she emerged as Toman, a 32-year-old Greek artist, in 534. Toman was on a horse and wearing a toga, riding home after working in the fields. Toman was an artist who loved to “capture life” with his paint and sculpture. However, Toman was in love with Sophie, but Sophie … Read more

Guided Meditation to Love Yourself and Live Your Best Life

guided imagery meditation what is guided imagery?

We all want to be loved. But sometimes we can feel lonely, especially around holidays like Valentine’s Day. But being alone and being lonely isn’t the same thing.  When you are happy and content with yourself, being with yourself can feel good. And we all know – that feeling good about yourself is very attractive.  … Read more

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