Past Life + Spirit Guide Session: A Greek Artist Missed His Chance  

In Maggie’s initial past life session, she emerged as Toman, a 32-year-old Greek artist, in 534. Toman was on a horse and wearing a toga, riding home after working in the fields.

Toman was an artist who loved to “capture life” with his paint and sculpture. However, Toman was in love with Sophie, but Sophie married another man. Toman never really recovered from losing her. He gave up on love and his art and left the city to work in the fields collecting grain. Toman died of a heart attack while working in the field. Reflecting on his life, Toman felt he missed his chance when he gave up on love and art. Toman wished he could have lived life more fully and not doubted himself so much. He realizes he could have done better.

At the end of that life, Maggie’s Spirit Guide, Fatricia, greeted her with a hug and surrounded her with love. Fatrica appeared as a light figure. Fatricia said Toman “loved a lot” in that life but did not fulfill his purpose of learning independence. He did not believe in himself. He did not take action when he could have.

Maggie also struggles with doubt and loneliness. She learns that her purpose in this life is to know that “Everything is okay.” And things don’t have to be perfect. She is told – she is important, to be brave and not worry so much, to trust people, and open her heart.

Watch the full episode, Maggie’s Past Life: A Greek Artist Loses His Love and Art here.

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