She was Moses in her Past Life Regression!

No one was more surprised than Shelly to discover that she was Moses in a past life.

Shelly emerged in 200 BC in Egypt or rural Mesopotamia, as a 28-year-old olive-skinned man. The man was wearing a burlap tunic and sandals.

An Amazing Life Between LivesĀ© Spiritual Retreat in Malibu

Meditation Retreat

What an AMAZING weekend in Malibu for our second spiritual retreat! First, the soul messages came… then incredible stories of past lives and life between lives… tears… and laughter… vulnerability… and connection… our lives forever changed by our time together. šŸ’œāœØšŸ„° They came from Maryland, Oklahoma, and all over California. We were 15 in total. … Read more

Past Life + Spirit Guide Session: A Greek Artist Missed His ChanceĀ Ā 

In Maggieā€™s initial past life session, she emerged as Toman, a 32-year-old Greek artist, in 534. Toman was on a horse and wearing a toga, riding home after working in the fields. Toman was an artist who loved to ā€œcapture lifeā€ with his paint and sculpture. However, Toman was in love with Sophie, but Sophie … Read more

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