She was Moses in her Past Life Regression!

No one was more surprised than Shelly to discover that she was Moses in a past life.

Shelly emerged in 200 BC in Egypt or rural Mesopotamia, as a 28-year-old olive-skinned man. The man was wearing a burlap tunic and sandals. The tunic was cinched with a hanging belt made of shells. He had brown hair and hazel eyes. He was standing on hot sand in a bustling marketplace watching the others. The marketplace was part of a city and there were mountains in the background. Standing there watching the people in the marketplace, he felt “disconnected from everything.” It was his job to “take care of things,” but he felt apart from them.

He had a burro that he walked beside and his home was a square tent. But he slept on straw in his wagon. He ate with the others around a campsite. The food resembled hummus and he ate it with grape leaves.

Though he described the people as poor, his gentle mother and stern father were wealthy and “made the rules” for the community. Later I realized, his parents were possibly the pharaoh and his wife, who would have been quite wealthy and powerful.  

As an adult, he felt lonely and separated from others in Egypt. But when he went on a journey, he connected with “cousins” from the place he had left behind and with these people, he felt loved. I couldn’t help but wonder if these were people from Moses’ original family, who had been left behind when his mother placed him in the river to avoid being slaughtered. 

A turning point in his life was when he climbed to the top of a mountain to receive a “spiritual message.” It was bright and light at the top of the mountain. He felt a sense of “glory,” and the bushes around him were “glowing” and “white-hot.” I wondered if these were the “burning bushes” that we read about in the Old Testament. 

He declared, “Here I am” at the top of the mountain and encountered God. Shelly became tearful and choked up at this point; he was being handed “the ten commandments.”  He brought this “invisible book” down the mountain in his wagon. It  contained the spiritual message to tell people how to live – “to be good”  and “don’t argue.” 

It was a lonely life for this man. He was always watching others, never really a part of the community. Rather he functioned as more of a leader who kept the peace by watching and intervening. He wished for a family of his own but never had one. But he accomplished his mission. 

When he crossed over God met him. God had looked like an old man when handing him the tablets. But now God was “a big shiny guy,” appearing in a big red robe with gold trim. 

We learned in Shelly’s PLR that she has a special relationship with God. She is a part of God’s “team,” and she is “sent out to do stuff.” And she did what she was supposed to do in that reincarnation and now she is back. We asked why Shelly was shown that life today. Shelly was told not to lose her faith, to believe in God, who said, “This is me.” Also, Shelly’s life is lonely at times. She has devoted her life to taking care of her seriously disabled son. But she was told not to feel lonely because God is everywhere.

After the regression, I asked Shelly if she was Moses in that life, and she humbly admitted that she was.

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