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Getting Started with LBL 

You may have heard of Past Life Regression (PLR), but may not be familiar with Life Between Lives® (LBL). Life Between Lives picks up where Past Lives Regression leaves off. It answers our questions about what happens after we die. Many describe it as a near-death experience without the death. Read more about How it Works below. 



Signing Up for Your LBL Journey  

  1. In-Person and Online Zoom sessions are available. 
  2. Your Life Between Lives journey is usually a two-session process. 
  3. The first step in your LBL journey is a Past Life + Spirit Guide session. You visit a Past Life that has a meaningful connection to your current life. At the end of that life, you crossover and meet your Spirit Guide.
  4. In your next session, you return to your immediate past life and then crossover into your Life Between Lives. In this way you access the time in between your last lifetime and your current lifetime.
  5. When booked together, both sessions are discounted. However, you are welcome to start with booking the Past Life + Spirit Guide session. Many people choose to book follow-up appointments quarterly or annually. 
  6. Navigate to Book Your Journey to review the calendar and book your appointments.
  7. All sessions are in-person at this time. 
  8. You will be emailed Intake Forms to complete and return back to us. 
  9. You will receive a link with preparation and follow-up instructions. But overall, allow yourself plenty of time before and after your appointment to absorb this incredible experience.
  10. *Optional – learn more about the LBL experience by joining our private Facebook group

What to Expect in Your Session 

The first soul to welcome us home is often our Spirit Guide, our friend and mentor who has been with us through all our lives. Then it’s a special reunion when we return to our family of souls, our Soul Group, which often includes a special Soul Mate. And the highlight for many is going before the Council of Wise Elders where we get answers to our biggest life questions and sometimes encounter an even higher divine energy.

You will be inspired and captivated by your very own soul journey through the afterlife. You don’t have to wait till you die to go to Heaven. You can go there NOW.

How Life Between Lives Hypnosis is Like a Near Death Experience (NDE) Without the Death

In an NDE people crossover into the afterlife after a near-death experience. They often encounter light and experience profound love. Many grieve when they are told they must return to this life; the afterlife experience is so spectacularly beautiful. 

In a Life Between Lives experience, you are regressed to your immediate past life. At the end of that life, you also crossover into the afterlife. However, you get to continue on past the point where an NDE would usually end. You get to experience the love and oneness that exists there as you explore what happens between your lives. 

How Life Between Lives Hypnosis Moves Beyond Traditional Past Life Regression and Reincarnation  

In traditional Past Life Regression, people ask, “how is my current life a result of my past life karma?” In LBL hypnosis we ask, “how is my current life related to my soul’s purpose? For example, maybe you chose this life to develop compassion and that’s why it’s been such a hard life. The general rule is the more difficult the life, the more advanced the soul, because you are working on very challenging lessons. 

Brian Weiss, the renowned psychiatrist, discovered past life regression while asking a woman to go to the source of her anxiety. She regressed to multiple previous lifetimes, discovering the trauma and karma from those lives that was manifesting as anxiety in this life. She also delivered messages to Dr. Weiss from masters in the “space between lives.” 

Just like Brian Weiss, the psychologist, Michael Newton, discovered Life Between Lives hypnosis by accident. He asked a woman to go to the source of her deep loneliness. But, instead of going to a previous life, she went to that space between lives. And she learned she had a soul family. Soul families are the group of souls we incarnate with over and over, changing roles each time depending on what we want to learn. She discovered that none of her soul family had incarnated with her in this life. And that was the source of her loneliness. 

Michael Newton went on to do 7,000 sessions to investigate our life between lives. He found that souls are very active on the other side and that he could guide people to this place between lives, using deep hypnosis. He also found that regardless of religion or spiritual beliefs, we all experience love, acceptance, and awe on our journey through the afterlife – our true HOME. 

More than 75,000 sessions have been done by LBL® facilitators to date. Vondie is one of 200 LBL facilitators trained by the Michael Newton Institute.

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