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Respond to your soul’s calling with Life Between Lives® Spiritual Hypnosis with Vondie Lozano

Vondie Lozano, M.Div., CHt
Michael Newton Institute Certified Life Between Lives® Facilitator

Discover Who You Are and Why You’re Here

Get a glimpse of the afterlife.

You may have heard of reincarnation and Past Life Regression. Life Between Lives (LBL) picks up where they leave off. In a Life Between Lives session, you discover what your soul does in between your past lives. In the afterlife, we have jobs and connect with other souls. And then we come to Earth to learn and advance our soul’s development and take the experience back to the other side, our true home. 

You also discover why you chose this specific life and how it fits within a much bigger picture. Some describe LBL Hypnosis as a Near Death Experience without the death. You visit your immediate past life and then cross over into the afterlife where you are embraced with “pure love.”  

About Vondie

Vondie is a Certified Life Between Lives® Facilitator. In her previous career, as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Psychology Professor, Vondie was intrigued with hypnosis because it’s helped people have better relationships and live fuller lives.

As a Life Between Lives Facilitator, Vondie is your guide to help you discover what your soul does after you die and before you are born into a new life.  

Connecting with souls in the afterlife was the only comfort Vondie found after losing her beloved dog, Mia. But, this awakening helped to soften her grief and prepare her for the devastating loss of her disabled mother. In her previous experience as a therapist and Psychology Professor, she frequently worked with grief. She also helped people understand how many of their current issues related to earlier life events. 

Today, Vondie has dedicated her career to helping people access the afterlife with Past Life Regression (PLR) and Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnosis. She loves guiding people on their journey to the afterlife, our true home, where they discover that life doesn’t end and love doesn’t end. They also find out why they chose this life and how this life fits within all their lives.

Vondie also hosts the weekly live show, Soul Guide

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Your Soul Journey

If you’d like to find out more about your soul journey, I’d love to hear from you – V.


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As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Vondie was Featured in:

Vondie Lozano, M.Div, CHt

Certified Life Between Lives® Facilitator, Michael Newton Institute, 2018

Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, Pro Hypnosis Training, 2015

Certified Hypnotherapist, International Hypnosis Federation, 2012


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