Move beyond past life regression and explore the place between lives… visit the afterlife 

Move beyond past life regression and explore the place between lives… visit the afterlife 

Visit a Past Life and Then Crossover into the Afterlife 

with Life Between Lives® Spiritual Hypnosis Michael Newton Institute LBL® Facilitator, Vondie Lozano, M.Div., Ph.D., CHt

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Visit the Afterlife 

  • Meet your Spirit Guide and Soul Family

  • Receive Guidance from your Council of Wise Elders

  • Discover Your Soul’s Purpose for This Life and All Your Lives

In other words…

Discover what happens in Heaven 

Life Between Lives hypnosis provides the very big picture about who you are and why you’re here. You’ll get support for your current life. And discover how this life fits within your overall soul journey.

What People Say About this Experience 

Unbelievable Stories of Past Life and Life Between Lives Sessions

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Past Life + Spirit Guide Session: Lauren, “Find the Joy”

Lauren returned to an idyllic past life in 1590 Polynesia. Her only question for the session was — why is she drawn to the Spanish language? Near the end of that lifetime, a very big colonial ship comes to the island and Lauren gets her answer. When she crosses over to meet her Spirit Guide, someone else shows up instead.

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Past Life + Spirit Guide Session: Ken, “Focus on Love”

I was really excited to write an op-ed piece about past life hypnosis for the VC Reporter Valentine’s Issue. I had a special story I wanted to tell. I had recently done a past life session for Ken*, a friend of mine, who wasn’t sure he believed in past life hypnosis. But, when I told him he could meet his Spirit Guide, at the end of his past life, he was all in. And his session was pretty incredible.

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