She Helps Create Fish for a New Planet in her Life Between Lives

She Helps Create Fish for a New Planet in her Life Between Lives

How Shelly’s Life Between Lives Began

Shelly is a nurse who gave up her career to care for her severely disabled son. Her self-sacrifice already told me that she was an advanced soul. But I was still blown away by her first session where we discovered that she was Moses in her past life, Jesus is her guide, and she is part of God’s “special team.” 

So I knew her LBL session would be something special too.

Shelly encountered Jesus again when she returned to her Life Between Lives. But she didn’t get the usual orientation, another indication that she is an advanced soul. Instead she went straight into her work group. They were creating all the nature for a new planet.

She saw a classroom, a lab, and other rooms in a building. In one room, souls were creating a storm and working on the weather. In another room, they were creating animals. Shelly worked in the water room, where she brightened the fish’s scales to make them prettier. She explained in detail how she removed the scales with precise hand movements and created specific colors like very bright red salmon. This was all part of a project for a new planet, called “Part€£eon” (like Parthenon).

Shelly’s Work Group/Soul Group in her Life Between Lives

Shelly also reconnected with souls from her earth life and we learned that her immortal soul name is Yashir. She shared that her brother and her disabled son are connected at a soul level with each other and with her. They are like “one soul.” Her brother worked in the nature building too and it became clear that Shelly’s work group was also her soul group.

Yashir and her work group wore white shirts and pants, like scientists working in a lab. But they dressed up in white robes when they traveled as guests on an alien spaceship to visit “Part€£eon.” They were being given the opportunity to observe their handiwork. The aliens were very pleased with the work Yashir’s group had done. 

Yashir’s work/soul group celebrated their project’s success with a work party! There was music and high energy. And this all felt AMAZING to Shelly. 

When Yashir reconnected with Jesus again, we learned that she has had hardship in this earthly life because she is being prepared to work in the weather room. (Shelly admitted this will be a promotion.) She was told that she had to learn to manage the “negative forces” in this life to be able to hold back the force of the storms in the weather room. Before leaving her life between lives, Shelly shared that “everything works in a flow” and “all is good.”

Watch the full episode here, She Helps Create Fish for a New Planet in her Life Between Lives.

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