Life Between Lives Session

Life Between Lives: She is a Spirit Guide for Young Souls

In Maggie’s first past life session, she was a Greek artist who gave up on his art and love when he lost the love of his life, Sarah. She didn’t believe in herself in that life because she never tried to find new love or pursue art again.

In her most recent past life, Maggie emerged as Jeremy, a young black man in North Carolina. Jeremy was holding Sarah’s hand while dancing at the prom. That night Jeremy asked Sarah to be his girlfriend, and she said, “Yes!” Sarah was “perfect.” But, a couple of years later, Sarah became pregnant. Jeremy went with her to have the abortion, but the relationship didn’t survive, nor did Jeremy. He never really got over Sarah. Jeremy died at age 23 when he drove his car off the side of a hill while drinking with friends. Maggie’s guide Danny told her not to be so hard on herself. Jeremy tried to make connections in that life. It just didn’t work out.

After the Jeremy life, Maggie’s soul went to a place of healing that was like a nice long bath and shower. She reconnected with her soul group, which included one of the triplets she was within the womb who did not survive. Maggie found out she has a primary soul mate, Ta. Maggie’s immortal soul name is Riki. Riki is creative and funny. But she also likes learning and digging deep into emotions. Riki’s soul color is blue, which indicates a very advanced soul.

Maggie met with her Council of “teachers,” four tall bluish light beings in robes seated at a long table. She stood before them but on the same level. Maggie was given messages to stop doubting herself, worrying, and trusting herself. Her Council told her, “Everything will always be okay.” “Things don’t have to look like they’re going smoothly to be going smoothly.” She is finding her voice as a creative soul. She received the message, “Move through the world lightly and freely. That’s where love comes from, and that’s where things are born and created. You don’t have to try or force.”

Maggie also asked about her vocation in her life between lives. That’s when it became clear that she is a Guide. She teaches “light and wispy” toddler souls and helps newly incarnating souls. Maggie plays with the toddler souls and teaches them how to move, move energy, and communicate with their minds and with “imprints” (kind of like touch). She also helps souls who are about to incarnate for the first time or have just returned from their first incarnation.

Maggie has had many lives on other planets. Her favorite was a water world planet where she had the lower body of a mermaid and the upper body of an animal we wouldn’t recognize here on earth. Ta also incarnated with her on that planet. That world exists in another dimension.

At the Life Body Selection Place, Maggie learned why she chose this life. Maggie is intuitive and intelligent with a deep emotional capacity. But she doesn’t let her brain overpower her emotions. Earth is heavy and dense. But Maggie is intuitive, so there is more light. We learn that she doesn’t have to incarnate anymore. This life was optional – a bonus life. So she can relax and take it easy.

Watch the full episode, She’s a Guide for Toddler and Newly Incarnating Souls, in her Life Between Lives here.

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