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Guided Meditation to Love Yourself and Live Your Best Life

We all want to be loved. But sometimes we can feel lonely, especially around holidays like Valentine’s Day. But being alone and being lonely isn’t the same thing.  When you are happy and content with yourself, being with yourself can feel good. And we all know – that feeling good about yourself is very attractive. 

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What Are You Doing For Yourself This Year?

What Are You Doing for Yourself This Year?

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2023. Somehow I lost a couple of years with COVID. But it feels SO GOOD to be returning to some degree of normalcy. And it feels especially good to be getting together again.  I have a question for you, what are you doing for yourself this year? I’d

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Soul Guide Podcast Episodes

Top Soul Guide Podcast Episodes of 2022 – What A Year!

It has been so exciting to connect with you on our Soul Guide Podcast Livestream on Facebook and Youtube and podcast this year. What a gift to get to know you and share the LBL message of light, love, and hope. And it has been especially fun to bring you stories of Past Life and

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Gratitude for Michael Newton and Life Between Lives

Gratitude for Michael Newton and Life Between Lives®

I’m so grateful for Michael Newton. Not only did he discover our Life Between Lives. But he went on to research 7,000 LBL cases. And he was brave enough to share his findings with the world when he published Journey of Souls. What Gift Did Michael Newton Give to Us? We learned how our Life

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Gratitue for Michael Newton and Life Between Lives

My Dog Brought Me to Life Between Lives

My journey to find Life Between Lives really began when I lost my dog, Mia. I was inconsolable and my husband didn’t know what to do with me. My hypnosis classmate, Nicky, encouraged me to go see a medium she had heard of. I was terrified but my grief was stronger than my fear. So

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