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Guided Meditation to Love Yourself and Live Your Best Life

We all want to be loved. But sometimes we can feel lonely, especially around holidays like Valentine’s Day. But being alone and being lonely isn’t the same thing. 

When you are happy and content with yourself, being with yourself can feel good. And we all know – that feeling good about yourself is very attractive. 

So what connects you to your true self, your soul self, what makes your heart sing?

Guided Imagery for Understanding Ourselves Better

I just finished several days of Guided Imagery Meditation training in Newport Beach with Kathe Caldwell, author of The Guided Imagery Handbook. This was a beautiful time of inspiration and love as we accessed our inner knowing about who we are and who we want to be.

We learned a lot about how our soul uses symbols to communicate with us in dreams and in imagery. 

So I’d like to offer you a glimpse of how your imagination can help you access your soul self… 

If you’d like… you can record the guided imagery meditation* and questions on your phone… pausing a bit in between each one… Then play the recording for yourself …And have a piece of paper and pen handy to write down your answers afterward. 

(Special Note: The imagery can bring about relaxation and even sleep. It should not be listened to in a vehicle, while operating heavy machinery or during any activity where alertness or attention are required for safety.  Instead, listen to it at home in a safe, comfortable environment – preferably while reclining or lying down. Give yourself plenty of time to return to a state of complete alertness afterward, before you return to your normal activities.)

Relaxation Tip : Guided Imagery 

So take a moment and find a safe comfortable private place to relax.

Closing your eyes and take in some nice deep breaths …  in and out… in and out… allowing yourself to completely relax. 

Feel the surface you’re sitting on, how it supports you completely… feeling supported and calm… feeling comfortable and relaxed… taking in another few deep breaths in and out… in and out… 

Imagine a healing light moving down your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet…moving down your face, relaxing the muscles around your eyes and your mouth.

Notice that healing light as it makes its way down your arms, relaxing your upper arms and forearms your hands and fingers… 

Feel that light moving down your chest and back… 

Relaxing and calming you… 

Feel that beautiful light as it moves down down down your legs… down your feet… down your toes… 

Feel this healing light all around you… soothing you, relaxing you, comforting you…and calming you…  

And in this very relaxed and peaceful place, imagine…

  • In front of you, you see a symbol that represents your life at present
  • Notice the size, color, and shape of the symbol
  • What is your overall impression of the symbol
  • What do you like best about it?
  • What do you like least?
  • Became the symbol
  • How do you feel? 
  • As the symbol, look at you, the person. What does the person that are you look like?
  • As the symbol, what do you want the person to know about you?
  • What advice can you give the person?
  • Become yourself again?
  • How do you feel
  • What do you want to tell the symbol?

And now, beginning to feel more aware as you come back to room consciousness. 

You hear the sounds inside and outside the room where you are. 

Feeling relaxed and refreshed, remembering the messages you received from your soul journey… messages for new possibilities. 

Beginning to stretch your arms and legs and take in a nice deep breath. 

Stretching, breathing, feeling good… 

Becoming alert and gently opening your eyes, all the way back in the here and now… 

Rested and refreshed for the rest of your day.

Now take a moment to jot down your answers… 

Then go back and ask yourself …

What does this symbol mean to me?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this symbol? 

How did you, the person, look at the symbol?

How did it feel to be the symbol?

What did the symbol want you to know? What advice was given?

How does this relate to your present life?

How can you best use this information now? 

When I did this imagery, I received loving affirming messages about myself and my path forward.

*Adapted from Transformation, The Guided Imagery Handbook by Kathe Caldwell, 2020

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