Past Life + Spirit Guide Session: Lauren Meets Her Soulmate

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Lauren returned to an idyllic past life in 1590 Polynesia. Her only question for the session was — why is she drawn to the Spanish language? Near the end of that lifetime, a very big colonial ship comes to the island and Lauren gets her answer. When she crosses over to meet her Spirit Guide, someone else shows up instead.

Past Life + Spirit Guide Session: Ken Needs to Love Himself

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I was really excited to write an op-ed piece about past life hypnosis for the VC Reporter Valentine’s Issue. I had a special story I wanted to tell. I had recently done a past life session for Ken*, a friend of mine, who wasn’t sure he believed in past life hypnosis. But, when I told him he could meet his Spirit Guide, at the end of his past life, he was all in. And his session was pretty incredible.

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