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Past Life + Spirit Guide Session: Lauren Meets Her Soulmate

Lauren returned to an idyllic past life in 1590 Polynesia.

Her only question for the session was — why is she drawn to the Spanish language? Near the end of that lifetime, a very big colonial ship comes to the island and Lauren gets her answer. When she crosses over to meet her Spirit Guide, someone else shows up instead.

Lauren emerges as a 35 year old man named Pak Tu. Pak Tu is riding a surfboard. He is tanned and muscular with “sun-kissed” brown hair and blue eyes, “the color of the ocean.” He is a skilled surfer and hunter. Growing up, Pak Tu experienced the love of his father. Pak Tu also shares a special bond with his middle son. The love of Pak Tu’s life is Padma and they have three children together, two boys and a girl. There are other adults and children on the island. Life is blissful and tranquil.

A turning point in Pak Tu’s life is when a “very big ship” arrives at the island. Pak Tu and the others have been safe up until now. But, soldiers from the ship take Pak Tu and the other men from the island onto the ship. It doesn’t feel safe anymore. It feels scary. I wondered where the ship was taking them so I asked Pak Tu to go to the time after the ship arrives at its destination. But, Pak Tu says, “I don’t think I ever get off the ship…. I think I die of like a broken heart on the ship.”

Before he dies, I asked what Pak Tu realizes about that lifetime. He answers, “Just how much love there is… and joy.” Then Pak Tu returns to the ocean as a “little ball of blue light” where he is “bopping around in the ocean” before being pulled down deeper into the water.

When Pak Tu crosses over to meet his Spirit Guide, Lauren becomes very emotional. She is met by Jared, her husband in this life. He is laughing and asks her, “Are you surprised?” Lauren explains that they’re touching foreheads and noses and their bodies are making a heart. She says, “it just feels like love.”

When I asked Jared about his relationship to this soul, he replied, “I am this soul.” They are two halves of one whole. According to Jared, the main purpose of Pak Tu’s life was to create a family and to show others how to do this. Lauren is gratified to learn that this has been her gift for a very long time — teaching others how to create a family — which she does by helping them find the joy.

Before the session ends, Jared tells Lauren that they “just get to keep doing this forever.” He is her soul mate.

Lauren shared that she was amazed at how powerful her session was. She also shared that when she and her husband wrote their wedding vows it was very important to him that their vows not say “till death do us part.” He wanted their vows to say “forever.”

*Lauren’s name has not been changed. She has granted permission to share her story. View the full video of Lauren’s session below.

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