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Past Life + Spirit Guide Session: Ken Needs to Love Himself

I was really excited to write an op-ed piece about past life hypnosis for the VC Reporter Valentine’s Issue. I had a special story I wanted to tell. I had recently done a past life session for Ken*, a friend of mine, who wasn’t sure he believed in past life hypnosis. But, when I told him he could meet his Spirit Guide during the session, he was all in. And his session was pretty incredible.

Ken had been obsessively worrying about and working on his tourism business. But, during his past life session Ken went to a previous life where he primarily focused on work. His wife was the most important person in that life. But, he felt like he wasn’t really there for her. And at the end of that life Ken felt regret — like he had missed out on something.

After that life ended, Ken did get to meet his Spirit Guide, Al. And Al let him know that the purpose of that past life was survival. And Ken did a good job with that by focusing on his work. But, Al also let Ken know that the purpose of his current life is to focus on love and his relationships.

If you’d like to read Ken’s* story about how past life hypnosis helped him shift his priorities in this life, click the link below.

*Ken’s name has been changed and he has granted permission to tell his story.

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