Is it Time for a Reset?

Did you know? A lot of planning goes into each of your lives… 


You, your soul group, your council, your spirit guide, and others all work together to set up opportunities for you to learn the lessons you chose for each life.


Every life is an opportunity to continue working on lessons from a past life or to move in  a completely new direction. Sometimes it can be unsettling to reincarnate again. You may have been eager to start this life or you may have been a little hesitant. 

And because reincarnation involves “amnesia,” you don’t get to know which lessons you chose for this life. So you may be feeling a little unsure of where you are or wondering what you’re supposed to be working on. You may even feel like something is “off.” Maybe you have gotten a little off track. But, that’s okay. We are given many opportunities to get back on track. 

With Springtime right around the corner, this might be a good time for a reset — to realign with that one thing you wanted to manifest in 2022 that we talked about in the January blog post.

In fact, as we all begin to return to some degree of “normalcy,” this may be the perfect time for a fresh start!

Reset Your Life – Be Your True Self! 

There is a time for soul planning, but there is also a time for LIVING! 

Springtime is a time of rebirth which reminds us that it’s never too late to realign with your true self and your true calling.

So I invite you to take a moment to tune into yourself and consider – how you would like to be and what would you like your life to look like – RIGHT NOW. This very second.


Think about it…

And then reflect on what might be getting in your way. And what will help you get where you want to go.

Take out a pen and pad of paper or if you prefer, copy/paste the questions below into a Word document. 


Then take a couple of deep breaths and just let your mind be still… 

And when you’re ready, reflect on the questions and allow the answers to come to you… 

Write down whatever you hear, see, know, feel… and trust what comes…

  • Where are you feeling a little off track in your life? 

  • What would feel like a more true version of you?

  • What would your life look like if you were showing up for yourself in this way?

  • What can you start doing NOW to make that happen?

Envision what it would look, sound, and feel like to be your true self, living your authentic life NOW! Breathe into it. Really feel it! Include this in your daily meditation if this feels right to you.

What Was I in My Past Life?

As you reflect on resetting yourself and your life, did you ever wonder – What Was I in My Past Life? 


These folks decided to find out, with a Past Life Regression session. Their sessions blew me away. And I am honored to share their stories in hopes that they may also inspire you: 


  • Ken felt like he didn’t do enough in a past life as a farmer who never got married or had a family. But his Council told him, “We don’t care how well you do. We just care about you” … “There is no success or failure, only learning.”  Where do you need to be more gentle with yourself?

  • In Lauren’s past life session she realized “just how much love there is” … What can you do to move toward the love that is out there for you? 

  • MANY folks discovered they were healers who were persecuted for using their gifts to help people. Where are you being called to use your gifts or be true to who you really are?

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