new year manifestations

What is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you would like to manifest this year?

What Visions do You Want to Manifest this Year

One of my favorite activities for the new year is setting out new goals or visions. It can be something as small as doing more yoga or as big as changing careers!

So, as the new year starts, what would you like to do or become or manifest in the new year. It could be personal goals, professional goals, or both – whatever you’d like to achieve.  

And how can you make your goals or visions a reality in 2022? This question has a two-part answer:

1) Tune in to your soul’s innermost calling

2) Join a community of like-minded souls for support and inspiration 

Know Yourself to Achieve Your Visions This Year

First I’d like you to start by tuning in to yourself. What are your innermost longings and desires? We often discount what we’re most drawn to instead of realizing this is our soul beckoning us to be who we are here to be. Remember, your soul chose to be YOU in this life at this time on earth. So you are here for a reason!

So, I invite you to take a moment to reflect on your soul’s true calling…

It’s best if you can write with a pen and paper. But if that doesn’t work for you, copy/paste the following questions into a Word document. And then answer the questions without thinking. Just trust what comes and write the first thing that comes to you. Remember, your imagination is the window to your soul!  

So, here goes…

  • What do you love to do where you lose all track of time and feel like you are completely in the ZONE?!
  • What person, place, or activity makes you feel most like yourself?
  • Who or what or where do you feel most at “HOME” here on earth?
  • If you could do or be or have anything, what would that look like?
  • And what is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you would like to do or be or have this year?

The answers to these questions may shift and change. And you can always come back and rewrite them later. But for now, take a deep breath, step back, and look at what you have written. Consider if you see any patterns in what you have put down on paper, especially as it relates to the MOST IMPORTANT thing you would like to manifest this year.

Some of these may be 1-year goals. Some may be 5-year goals. Some may be bucket list goals. That’s just fine. If it feels right, you can even divide them into these types of lists or create separate pages for each. Whatever feels good to you.

Now, I would like you to take what you have written and identify your goals/visions for 2022, highlighting the MOST IMPORTANT thing you would like to bring forth this year. 

Then take your list with your 2022 goals/visions and put it somewhere where you can see it, daily if possible. 

And last, place a copy in your godbox (a small box where you entrust things to the souls that watch over you).  🌟

So, how do you feel about your 2022 dreams? Because that’s what they are – dreams that you can make a reality. And if you would like some help to move toward these dreams, we invite you to join with others who are making their dreams a reality too!  

Join a Community of Like-Minded Souls to Help Manifest Your Visions 

We invite you to join with folks just like you who want to honor their souls’ true calling – to be who they were meant to be and do what they are here to do in this life at this time on earth – as part of our new and improved privately monitored Facebook group!

Here you can share your goals and get support and inspiration from others just like YOU! 

Perks of being an exclusive member of our Facebook LBL Soul Group include:

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We’d love to grow our LBL facebook group. So we invite you to join now for FREE! And please share our invitation with your friends. Just remember to answer the group questions, so we know you’re a real person! Click HERE to join us. 😃

We can’t wait to see you there!

Light & Love,

Vondie 🌟🌟🌟

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