Gratitue for Michael Newton and Life Between Lives

My Dog Brought Me to Life Between Lives

My journey to find Life Between Lives really began when I lost my dog, Mia. I was inconsolable and my husband didn’t know what to do with me. My hypnosis classmate, Nicky, encouraged me to go see a medium she had heard of. I was terrified but my grief was stronger than my fear. So together with Nicky, I went to the medium in hopes of hearing from my dog. 

We went to a group event called a Spirit Circle with the medium, Beecham Parker. Everyone else was there to connect with people who had passed. I was the only one there for a dog. But Mia came through first. In fact, Beecham said she was “a good communicator.” And he delivered message after message confirming it was really her. I was so relieved! I could tell her that I loved her and hear that she was very much okay. 

Afterward, I felt incredible relief – this life is not the end! 

Connecting with the afterlife was the only thing that lessened my grief at all, so I attended Beecham’s workshops and eventually joined his training group. I loved it! But I didn’t really have the gift of mediumship. Plus, I was neglecting my very alive husband, who was a little freaked out by my new passion, so I knew it was time to stop. 

But on my last training day someone said, “Since you already do hypnosis as a talk therapist, you’ve probably heard about Michael Newton”… And the rest was history!

I read everything I could find on Michael Newton and Life Between Lives® . And I found an LBL facilitator who could do my sessions. 

When I did my LBL sessions, I was told to stop being a talk therapist and to become certified in Life Between Lives. I am in the process of wrapping up my Marriage and Family Therapy practice after almost 30 years as a talk therapist.

I am so excited about being able to dedicate my career now to Life Between Lives. The message is that there’s so much more than this life. You can visit the Other Side yourself and connect with your loved ones there. 

You get to connect with your own immortal soul and your special family of souls directly when you return to your soul group, during your life Between Lives session. 

We also have our Facebook LBL Soul Group, our weekly live show Soul Guide, and our upcoming “3-Day Immortal Soul Journey” retreat in Malibu to help create our own community of like-minded souls here on earth. 

And we have even more exciting news coming in the New Year!

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