Find Your Community – Your Soul Group and Soul Mate

We all need each other, even as souls. 

You have a family of souls that you incarnate with over and over, changing up roles, depending on what you want to learn in each life.  

Reunite with Your Soul Group and Maybe Even Your Soul Mate in A Life Between Lives Session

One of the highlights of your Life Between Lives session is reuniting with your Soul Group to find out which of your family and friends (and sometimes non-friends) are in your soul group. 

Soul groups may meet by a river, in a pub, or in another galaxy. Some soul groups are young and mischievous. Other souls are in hell-raising soul groups. Some advanced soul groups take on brave lives or are serious task-oriented groups. And within each group, souls may have different roles, such as the guide, the sensitive one, or the joker.

Soul group activities can include re-enacting past lives, creating energy, and designing and assembling bodies for the next life. 

Many souls have a primary soulmate, someone they incarnate with over and over often as romantic partners. Our primary soulmates can also be close friends or family members. They are often described as “two halves of a whole;” they are one soul.

We are given red flags and signs to recognize the souls we are supposed to work with our life. Sometimes we choose to go it alone and incarnate without our soulmate or anyone from our soul group. That’s how Michael Newton discovered our Life Between Lives. He asked a woman under hypnosis to go to the source of her “deep loneliness,” she went to the time in between our lives where she was with her soul group, but no one had incarnated with her in this life. 

Join our LBL Community 

Sometimes we need help to find each other. That’s why we created our Life Between Lives Soul Group on Facebook – to give you a place to connect with other like-minded souls.

And that’s also why we set up our 3-Day Immortal Soul Journey retreat – to give you some time away with your people. You will discover your true identity and purpose when you visit a past life, meet your spirit guide, and go back to the time before you were born. 

When Molly connected with her soul group, she exclaimed, “I miss them!” “My people! How could I have forgotten my people!?” 

We need time together with other like-minded souls, with our LBL community, here on earth. 

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