Life After Death

Love Never Ends

If you’ve ever lost someone in your life, you know how bad it feels. Sometimes the grief is so intense it feels like a huge wave is holding you down and you can’t get up; you can barely breathe. The finality of it all can feel unbearable. Their soul essence is here one day and gone the next. Poof, disappears, vanishes.

Alive then not alive  – the soul is gone – you feel it even if the body is still here. They are GONE. Or so it seems. But are they really gone? Or are they just NOT HERE? 

So what happens when a soul finishes its life on earth?  

The good news is – that this life is NOT the end. They are not dead, they are just not here in the same way they were before. Our souls lived before this life and we continue to live after this life. We are eternal beings that return to where we came from.  

Where Do Our Souls Come From and Where Do They Go?

The hit movie, Soul explores where souls come from before we are born. They call that place The Great BEFORE. Then they show an even higher place where souls go after they die. They call that place The Great BEYOND. What they didn’t realize is that The Great BEFORE and The Great BEYOND are the same place. The place we come from and the place we return to are the same place. And that place is our Life Between Lives.

We are active as souls on the Other Side before we are born. And after we crossover, we return back to our active existence on the Other Side. This is where we connect with our Spirit Guide, Soul Group, Council, go to class, work, in labs, etc. 

And even after souls return to the Other Side they can still come near to us when we need them. We may feel their presence, hear them call our name, or smell their perfume. They visit us in dreams or in our half-wake-sleep moments. We might doubt these Life After Death Communications, but deep down, we know they are very real. 

Love Never Ends

Our relationships don’t end because our time on earth does. And our life doesn’t end because we leave this earth. Life never ends. Love never ends. We never end. Our loved ones never end. We come from love. We are love. And we return to love. 

We go on through eternity and so do our love and the bonds we share with our loved ones. Love never ends.

Of course, it’s normal to miss someone you have lost. You are human and the bond changes when they are in spirit. It’s normal to grieve them not being physically here with you. Grief is real and the only cure for grief is grieving. David Kessler, a renowned grief expert, reminds us that our loved ones’ message to us is, “I love you. And I know you loved me. Move forward with your life. But, take me with you.”  After a time, when you are ready, you can move forward with your life and remember your loved one in Spirit with more love than pain.

But, regardless of where you are in the grief process, connecting with loved ones in Spirit can be very comforting. My grief journey took me to a medium first. And that’s where I learned about Life Between Lives hypnosis as a way to access the afterlife. 

Life After Death Communication

It’s reported that sixty percent of people experience some form of Life After Death Communication after a loved one passes. But death is such a taboo in our culture that people rarely talk about these signs and visits. So how do you connect with your loved ones in Spirit? Or how do they connect with you? 

I invite you to take a moment to tune into yourself…Take a couple of deep breaths and just let your mind be still… 

Reflect on the love you share with your loved ones who are in Spirit…

Now, take out a pen and pad of paper or if you prefer, copy/paste the questions below into a Word document. 

When you’re ready, reflect on the questions below and allow the answers to come to you… 

Write down whatever you hear, see, know, feel. You may even receive some help from your loved ones as you consider… 

Do you ever have a sense of your loved one(s) in Spirit with you, near you, showing you things that remind you of them? 

When you talk to them do you ever hear or see messages back from them? 

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real, it was almost like they visited you in the night?

Maybe it wasn’t your imagination or a dream… maybe it was a sign or a visit. Their vibration is much higher than ours. So they can’t always connect with us when we are fresh in our grief. But as we heal they can often reach us if we are open to it. 

For me, connecting with my loved ones in Spirit was the only thing that made my grief bearable. Knowing that this life is not the end and that my loved ones and our love continue enabled me to heal and live life again. 

As you consider your connection with your loved one, what would they want for you? How can that sustained bond help and support you to live the life you are here to live? Their work is done here. They have accomplished what they came to do. But, what are you here to accomplish? How can this eternal bond of love help you focus on what is important to you and keep you on track with your own rebirth and life reset?

Because that’s what your loved one wants – for you to live your authentic life and to accomplish what you came here to do. They are cheering you on. 

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