Do You Believe in Soulmates?

Do you believe in soulmates? I don’t mean lust-mates. I mean deep lasting love that you have had with someone special over many lifetimes.  

On the other side, we are all connected as ONE. But, our souls still have unique personalities and special relationships. In fact, we each have a family of souls, a soul group. And within our soul group there is often one special soulmate.

Did You Know You Have A Soul Group?

Our soul group is made up of 10-12 souls that we incarnate with over and over, changing up roles each time, depending on what we want to learn in a particular life. And within that group we often have a primary soulmate, someone we are especially close to. 

We usually incarnate with our soulmate as romantic partners, but not always. Sometimes we are dear friends or even close family members. It is all love on the other side, but we share a special bond with our soul group and an even closer bond with our soulmate. 

Soulmate Stories 

I would love to share some stories with you from actual Life Between Lives sessions.

  • During Lauren’s past life session, she was overcome with emotion when her husband showed up as she crossed over into the afterlife. When asked about his relationship to her, he said, “I am this soul.” He and Lauren are like two halves of a whole. She said their foreheads were touching and the shape of their bodies formed a heart.
  • In Ken’s LBL session he discovered that his cousin Kali was his soulmate. And being with his soul group felt more like “home” than anything Ken had experienced on earth. Ken and Kali were enjoying catching up just as they had done “a thousand times before.” And he said that it felt good to be back after both being “out” for a while (living lives).
  • My husband Henry is my soulmate. In a past life, we lived on a farm in Poland, which is where he was born. We had a good life there together there. And I feel lucky to have found him in this life. But I asked him to please not wait so long to find me next time. ♡

Missing Soul Group Lead to LBL Hypnosis Discovery

Michael Newton actually discovered our Life Between Lives when he asked a woman, under hypnosis, to go to the source of her deep loneliness. She didn’t go to an earlier time in this life or even a past life. Instead she went to the place between lives. She and Michael discovered together that she had a soul group, a soul family on the other side. But it turns out that none of her soul family had incarnated with her in this life. And that was the source of her deep loneliness. 

Who Might Be In Your Soul Group?

You have your very own family of souls that you go through many lives with. 

If you’d like to consider who might be in your soul group, you can begin by reflecting on the special relationships in your life. Sometimes, we are more drawn to some people than others. They may be part of your special soul family or they may even be your soulmate. 

Remember, your soul chose to be YOU in this life at this time on earth and you probably brought several members of your soul group WITH YOU!

So, I invite you to take a moment to tune in to yourself and allow yourself to open up to who might be part of your special family of souls and who might be your special soulmate.

So start by taking out a pen and pad of paper. Or if you prefer, copy/paste the questions below into a Word document. 

Then take a couple deep breaths and just let your mind be still… 

And when you’re ready. just consider the questions and allow the answers to come floating in…. 

Just trust what comes and trust that the very first thing is the right thing… 

And then write down whatever comes to you…

So here we go: 

  • Who are you especially drawn to in your family or circle of friends?
  • Do you have a friend or partner that is “your person?” possibly your soul mate?
  • Is there anyone that you feel like you have known – for a very long time?

And once you’re finished writing. Look at your list and ask yourself:

  • How do I feel about the names I’ve written?
  • Am I surprised by the people who came to mind? 
  • Does one person feel more important than the others, do I feel like I have known them – for a very long time?

If you’d like to connect with other souls who care about soulmates, soul groups, and our life between lives, we’d love to have you join our Life Between Lives Soul Group. We are creating our very own family of souls here. 💜💜💜

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