Be the Hero in Your Story!

We started the year by sharing our intentions. 

Do you remember what you wanted to manifest this year? Or as you reflect now, do you have a sense of what you would like to bring into your life this year? This month? Today? 

So many questions with so many possibilities… And remember, you are the hero in your life story!

Be the Hero In Your Story

What does your hero journey look like? 

What would your life look like if you really went for it?! 

Would you…

  • Celebrate your life? 
  • Have more fun and freedom? 
  • Be true to yourself? 
  • Make changes in your relationships? 
  • Choose to go inward and reflect?  
  • Let go of somebody, something, or some habit? 

Let’s take a moment and reflect on where you are today. 

What has shifted since the beginning of the year? 

What would you like to change to move forward and become the hero of your story? Be gentle with yourself if you aren’t where you wanted to be or thought you would be. You are EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. YOU ARE RIGHT ON TIME. 

But, this might be the perfect time to refocus your intentions. Or double-down. Molly was told to “double down” on her spiritual lessons during her LBL session. Where are you being called to double down?

And wherever you are in your process, remember to CELEBRATE yourself! You are doing your very best. 

Join Our 30-Day Hero Challenge

Would you like some support and encouragement for your hero’s journey? 

Join our free 30-Day Hero Challenge exclusively on Facebook in our private Life Between Lives Soul Group. Share your daily heroic actions with us and hear what others in the group are working on! (including me 🙂

We may be a little over halfway through the year, but let’s end the year strong. It’s never too late to recommit to your hero story or re-focus your intentions. Let’s all double down together!

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