Be a Playful Soul

Be a Playful Soul


The definition of play: Engaging in an activity for fun with no purpose.

When we’re kids, we’re playful. We don’t worry about what others think about us having fun and enjoying ourselves. 

As we get older, we may forget what it’s like to play and we may even stop playing altogether. But, play is good for us on every level – physical, emotional, and spiritual. It can elevate our mood or even help us tap into our creativity. 

Do What Makes Your Soul Happy 

Life gets crazy and chaotic. And life responsibilities can get in the way of taking time to play. But it’s important to make play a priority and to do the little things that bring us joy. 

Do you remember what it felt like to play as a kid and how that made you feel? What about playing as an adult? What is fun for you? You might enjoy dancing, acting, writing, horseback riding, hiking, playing a sport, or playing with your dog… whatever brings you joy and feels like fun to YOU.

Let’s take a moment and reflect on play. Just relax and take a couple of deep breaths. Now go back in your memory to a time when you played that made you especially happy:

  • What are you doing?
  • Are you alone or with others?
  • Are you inside or outside 
  • What are you seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling?

Just BE THERE for a moment… enjoying the feeling of having fun! Let yourself really be there immersed in the experience…

Alright so coming on back to the present. 

What if you made play a priority now? What if you took time to play every day? It could be a few minutes a day, a few hours on the weekend, or a week-long retreat. Ideally, it would be “all of the above.” But, you get to find your own rhythm and what works best for you. But maybe you could do one thing every day that makes you happy deep down inside. Because that is what your soul is calling you to do. 

Souls Play on the Other Side

As we heard in Molly’s Soul Guide episode, on the Other Side “All souls, all play.” And the wise beings on the Other Side tell us often – don’t take life too seriously. Because, like Brian Smith’s council said, “There’s always a do-over.”

We can think of the Other Side as serious business about planning lives and lessons. But, there’s also a lot of fun there. Spirit Guides sometimes play tricks on us in LBL sessions. And there are playful souls and mischievous soul groups that play tricks on each other and other soul groups. They are just as goofy as we were when we were kids back in school hanging out with our friends.

So maybe we can take a page from the playbook on the Other Side and lighten up a little. After all, it’s our soul’s birthright. 

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