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Top Soul Guide Podcast Episodes of 2022 – What A Year!

It has been so exciting to connect with you on our Soul Guide Podcast Livestream on Facebook and Youtube and podcast this year. What a gift to get to know you and share the LBL message of light, love, and hope. And it has been especially fun to bring you stories of Past Life and Life Between experiences.

Here are a few highlights from our Soul Guide season…

Soul Guide Episode #1 – What if Heaven Had Visiting Hours?

What happens after death? How can we access the afterlife with Life Between Lives Hypnosis? What do we do in heaven? What about our Soul Group and Council?

The hit movie Soul talks about the Great Before. With LBL Hypnosis, we access the Great Before AND the Great Beyond. That’s where we encounter our Soul Family and Soulmate, our Council, our Place of Life Body Selection, Libraries, Classrooms, Labs, Other Planets, and MORE. 

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Soul Guide Episode #8 – Advanced Souls Choose Harder Lives. But It Can Still Be A Good Life!

There are levels in the afterlife and we reincarnate on earth to learn lessons and bring that learning back to the Other Side. Advanced souls take on really BIG lessons like – love and compassion, bravery, and raising the vibration on earth. These souls choose lives that include suffering and high levels of difficulty. And if they are here to raise our vibration they may be traveler souls who are uncomfortable here on earth. 

But if you are an advanced soul, you can still do your best to make it a good life. The key is knowing your true life purpose to focus on what you came here to do! And by finding joy in the midst of the hard life.

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Soul Guide Episode #14 – Molly’s Life Between Lives: The Soul Nursery, a Dragon, Alien, Two Gods, and Jesus!

In Molly’s immediate Past Life, her name was Jack. Jack was an Oklahoma rancher in 1982. He gave up his freedom to raise his children after his wife died in childbirth. 

In Molly’s LBL, she discovered her husband is her primary soulmate. Molly’s real name is Muriel. And her husband’s soul name is Yuriel. They are the same energy that has been split into two bodies in this life. 

Molly’s Council was composed of the Greek gods, Poseidon and Athena, plus Jesus and a reptile alien. They told her she needs to overcome her fear so she can join their Red Robe Order. 

When she visited the Library Molly viewed her Akashic records. She was told to double down on her eternal lessons, like A Course in Miracles. 

Then Jesus took her flying around to show her how big it is over there and what it feels like to really be free. They want to entice Molly to leap into adventures in this life, along with her husband. Because when she overcomes her fear she can stop incarnating and join them on the Other Side. Jesus said, “What’s the worst that can happen? You die and you get to come here!”

Molly’s final stop in her Life Between Lives was the Soul Nursery, where souls are born. She saw balls of light emerging from a crystal wall of light. Nurses then took the baby souls in their arms.

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Soul Guide Episode #21 – Getting to Know Your Soul Group and Soulmate

You have a family of souls that you incarnate with over and over, changing up roles, depending on what you want to learn in each life.  

One of the highlights of your Life Between Lives session is reuniting with your Soul Group and finding out which of your family and friends (and sometimes non-friends) are in your soul group. 

Soul groups may meet by a river, in a pub, or in another galaxy. Some soul groups are young and mischievous. Other souls are in hell-raising soul groups. Some advanced soul groups take on brave lives or are serious task-oriented groups. And within each group, souls may have different roles, such as the guide, the sensitive one, or the joker.

Some soul group activities are re-enacting and critiquing past lives, creating energy, and designing and assembling bodies for the next life.

Many souls have a primary soulmate, someone they incarnate with over and over often as romantic partners. Primary soulmates can also be a close friend or family member. They are often described as “two halves of a whole;” they are one soul.

We are given red flags and signs to recognize the souls we are supposed to work within our life. Sometimes we choose to go it alone and incarnate without our soulmate or anyone from our soul group. That’s how Michael Newton discovered our Life Between Lives. He asked a woman under hypnosis to go to the source of her “deep loneliness” and she went to the time in between our lives where she was with her soul group, but no one had incarnated with her in this life. 

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Soul Guide Episode #28 – Beyond Traditional Past Life Regression & Reincarnation

In traditional Past Life Regression, people ask, “how is my current life related to my past life karma?” “What am I being rewarded or punished for?”

In a Life Between Lives PLR, we ask, “how is my current life related to my soul’s journey and purpose? Maybe you chose this life to develop compassion and that’s why it’s been such a hard life. We know that advanced souls choose harder lives. So maybe you are working on the really big lessons. We also don’t leapfrog from life to life. We have a whole life in between each life. And souls often go to a place of healing after a difficult life so they don’t just carry that from life to life. 

Life Between Lives is a 2-part process. Your Past Life is the first step in your LBL. In your first session, you Visit a Past Life and Meet Your Spirit Guide. Session 2 –you Return to Your Life Between Lives.

What if someone already had a PLR? Was there an opportunity to fully explore the past life?

Did you experience a meaningful PLR story – childhood, adulthood, turning point? Were you allowed to grieve and release any feelings you have been holding?

Did they crossover into the afterlife? We invite you to go to the final day. We find out if this was a sudden or gradual passing, and how you passed. We ask what it felt like to die. Many find this to be a freeing experience and have a sense of relief. 

And we ask if they got to meet their Spirit Guide. Did they experience their Spirit Guide’s energy and love? Was their Spirit Guide more male or female? And were they welcomed home? 

That Spirit Guide has been with you since your soul was created and is usually there to greet you when you crossover. And your guide frequently takes you through your Life Between Lives experience. 

And finally, we find out why your Spirit Guide chose that past life for you to visit TODAY. We ask, How did this soul do in that past life? What was the purpose of that past life? Why were we shown that past life TODAY? What is the purpose of this life?

So your LBL past life regression is your first step into your Life Between Lives.

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