Rest and Recharge, Earthlings

It’s important to take time off for yourself. We’re actually more productive and more successful when we take time out to recharge and nourish ourselves. Some countries take a month of vacation every summer. But, in our culture, we push till we drop and we’re lucky if we get a week or two of vacation. 

Practice Self Care 

As we talked about in Soul Guide episode 17, Traveler Souls and Galactic Beings Among Us, on other planets, we don’t always need to rest, or eat, or do any of the things that nourish our earthly bodies and souls. But, as earthlings, we need seasons of rest and self-care to recharge our batteries. 

And it’s important to honor your body’s unique physical, emotional, and mental needs for what feels restful and recharging to you.

During your Life Between Lives session, you go back to your time in the womb before you were born. You get to find out what your soul thinks about this baby body that you chose and what you think about your baby brain, and emotional system. You also get to find out how much energy you brought with you into this life. 

We all have different needs for rest and recharging. And we each recharge and nourish our souls in different ways. If you are an introvert, you may need time to yourself to recharge your batteries. If you’re an extrovert, you may recharge by having fun with big groups of people.

Time to Reflect: What Does Self-Care Mean to You?

So I’d like you to take a moment and reflect on what self-care means to you. What really helps you return to life when you’re burned out? Or hopefully, before you burn out. 

Do you crave time alone? Maybe you’re an introvert. This doesn’t necessarily mean shyness. It means that you recharge by taking time for yourself. Self care for you might look like a warm bubble bath, reading your favorite book, or just having a cup of tea. 

If you jump start your battery by going to a concert, or the fair, or a dodgers game, then you might be an extrovert. And it’s important for you to have regular time with your people, doing fun things where there are lots of other people around. That’s what taking time off looks like for you. And that will help you get your mojo back again. 

So, whatever feels right to you, DO THAT. Because you chose to be EXACTLY who you are and it’s important to honor the YOU that you came here to be. 

Then once you’re recharged and reenergized, you’ll be rested and ready for your next big project or undertaking with all of your creative energy and enthusiasm. And you’ll be ready to continue working on your life’s purpose. Just remember, sometimes you chose an easy life. So your life purpose this time around might be TO RELAX. 

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