Gratitude for Michael Newton and Life Between Lives

Gratitude for Michael Newton and Life Between Lives®

I’m so grateful for Michael Newton. Not only did he discover our Life Between Lives. But he went on to research 7,000 LBL cases. And he was brave enough to share his findings with the world when he published Journey of Souls.

What Gift Did Michael Newton Give to Us?

We learned how our Life Between Lives picks up where traditional Past Life Regression leaves off. If we have a hard life it’s not punishment for past life karma. It’s because it’s part of our soul’s journey and that advanced souls choose more difficult lives. 

How Does Life Between Lives Work?

We chose each life for a specific purpose – to advance our soul’s development. And our Life Between Lives is our true home. Earth life is school, where we come to learn lessons and then we bring that learning back to the Other Side.

We each have a primary Spirit Guide who has been with us since our soul was created. And this teacher, mentor, and friend usually greet us when we cross over. We also have a Soul Group, a family of souls that we incarnate with over and over changing up roles each time depending on the lessons we’re here to learn. And we often have a special soulmate.

As part of our time in Life Between Lives, we go before wise elders who guide us on our soul journey. They provide encouragement and advice and even answer specific questions about this life! And we can also visit the Pre-Birth Life Planning station where we see why we chose this life and even the people we’re meant to work with this time around.

We often visit the library where we can check out books on our past lives and other experiences. We discover that many of us have lived on other planets. And we learn that we have soul personalities and we even carry certain soul characteristics through all our lies.  

Why I Have So Much Gratitude For Michael Newton

I’m so grateful for Michael Newton and his discovery of our Life Between Lives. Now we know what happens on the Other Side. So there is no need to fear death. And we don’t have to do this life perfectly because as one Council put it, “there is always a do-over.”

Watch Vondie’s message of gratitude for Michael Newton and LBL. <3

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