I can’t wait to take this journey with you! V.

Preparation and Post-Session

In-Person Past Life and Life Between Lives Sessions:

  • Return your completed Intake Forms with vaccine card, ID and your list of people and questions at least 48 hours before your session
  • I’ll record the audio and send it to you once your sessions are complete. You’re also welcome to record the audio on your phone or recording device (for iPhone use Voice Memos and for Android, Voice Recorder.)
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Masks are required at this time

LBL – The Journey Continues

  • Listen to your LBL session the week before
  • Reflect on the most memorable part of the LBL session

Online Past Life and Life Between Lives Sessions

We’ll set up a brief Zoom Pre-Session to make sure you’re good to go with everything below: 

  • Please return your intake forms with your list of people/questions at least 48 hours before your Zoom session
  • Log into Zoom beforehand to be sure it’s working great for you – click HERE for Zoom instructions
  • Set up Zoom so we can see you – reclining or lying down comfortably
  • Use a computer plugged into an outlet (if using a tablet be sure it’s plugged into a charger) 
  • Disable your computer screen saver temporarily – choose sleep option: None/Never. If using tablet, Disable Anti-Lock – choose None/Never.
  • Wear a headset with attached microphone if possible 
  • Turn off other devices that may be using your Wi-Fi. And ask others in your home for complete access to internet so you aren’t sharing bandwidth (connect via ethernet cable if possible)
  • Create a safe and private space for your session – free of people, pets, phones, alarms, interruptions. Consider putting a note on your front door so no one rings the doorbell or knocks.
  • I’ll do my best to record your session and send you a link to the audio recording. You’re also welcome to record with your smart phone or recording device if you’d like to have a back-up.

Post Session

  • If you’re out of town, consider staying overnight so you won’t have far to drive afterward. (Check out Ventura Visitor Center for places to visit while you’re here. Our favorite spots are Ventura Harbor and Downtown Ventura.)
  • Allow yourself plenty of time and space afterward to process all that you have learned 
I can’t wait to take this journey with you! V.
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