Love Between Lives
Discover Who You Are and Why You're Here

with Life Between Lives® Spiritual Hypnosis

Life Between Lives Session

Sharing about Life Between Lives at Past Life Hypnosis Workshop

Discover What Happens in Heaven

Life Between Lives Hypnosis is an amazing opportunity to explore the realm between your lifetimes. Many describe it as a Near Death Experience without the death. You start by visiting your immediate Past Life. At the end of that lifetime you go to the final day of that life. And then you cross over to the other side — your true HOME. 

During your LBL session you can:

  • Meet Your Spirit Guide – your trusted friend and mentor who has been with you since your soul was created
  • Visit a Place of Healing and Restoration – this might be a waterfall, a crystal bed, floating on the sea
  • Rejoin Your Soul Group – your family of souls, which sometimes includes a special soulmate that you incarnate with over and over
  • Receive Wisdom from Your Council of Elders – those wise beings who oversee your immortal soul’s journey through all your lives
  • Attend Your own Pre-Birth Life Planning Session – where you chose and charted your current life path!
  • Visit Libraries, Classrooms, Other Planets and MORE 

This deeply spiritual hypnosis provides the very big picture about who you are and why you’re here.  You can receive support and encouragement for whatever you’re going through today. And you can discover how your current life fits within your overall soul journey.

LBL – The Journey Continues 

Many return for follow-up LBL sessions. You can check-in with your Spirit Guide, Soul Group, and Council. You can also visit previously unexplored realms in your Life Between Lives.

Spiritualist Church of the Comforter, Part 2
Life Between Lives Hypnosis


Your Soul Journey

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