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Life Between Lives Sessions, in English, available in ECUADOR

                                    email:  Lauren@LBLhypnosis.com 

Names, and other identifying details, are withheld to protect clients' confidentiality.

"You may not remember me, but I most certainly remember my session with you a number of years ago. It changed my life, and the experience gave me a clarity of life I did not previously have."

"When I did a Life-Between-Lives session with Lauren Pohn, it turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.  Now, months after the session, I reflect back upon it frequently as the insight I gained from it expands on a daily basis.  I would say the most meaningful aspect of the session was seeing and experiencing the part of me which is truly beyond "the here and now."  It's hard to put into words what it's like to know that there is so much more to this life than the daily 9-5 that we seem to get caught up in.  There were so many places, events, and people I saw during my session that I never even dreamed possible for them to exist.  I would have to admit that while in such a state you find yourself wondering if it's truly "real."  But the feeling of divinity which could be felt the entire time while experiencing everything validated it for me.  I loved it!  If you've thought about having one of these sessions, I would highly recommend going to Lauren. (I traveled half-way around the world to do it!) You'll love her warmth, genuine character, and insight into what she does."

"My LBL session has touched my heart deeply.  It informed me about many things I never would have thought possible; made me realize what is truly important; who is with me for all eternity; let me know what it will feel like to leave this life here.  It truly taught me and enhanced my 'spirituality.'"

"I'd say to others who are contemplating an LBL session that you will benefit from this type of growth experience.  It is one of the most beautiful and pleasant things I have ever done.  It is very important to have a very strong desire to let your goals manifest into your life.  Go for it!  I am so grateful that I did it."

"Being able to connect with my Spirit Guide and Spirit Family is such a secure and blissful feeling.  To have a close personal relationship with these beings of Love who are honestly there for me makes me feel so complete and whole and lessens my feelings of separation."

"The best for me was the feeling of true return to Source."

"The best part of the session is going into the spirit world where you feel oneness with the source of existence.
 I also feel more relaxed and less anxious since our session.  I really liked your soothing voice.  I know you were extremely focused and caring during the session. Thank you.

"The session changed my life in a positive way, and the good effects continue on!  My main reason for going was to try to discern how to move on with the loss of my marriage and my soul mate as my husband.  What I acquired from the session was a sense of calm and acceptance and, most of all, forgiveness.  It gave me the courage to contact my ex-husband and speak frankly, with compassion, to him.  We hadn't been able to speak to one another in many years.  I never imagined I could forgive him, and now it feels completely right.  It is a new sense of peace that permeates my days.  Thanks for helping me get there!"

"The best aspect of the session was my feelings afterward (peaceful, relaxed, open, full of wonder).  My guidance seemed very intuitive/in tune."

"What I have been most aware of is how often 
from my Mom and why that's not best (big aha) 
I think of our session, how many points of connection in my everyday living there are to that information.
     feelings of pride in my husband
     how much I want to take burdens

     importance of safety in relationship to my daughter
     giving my young son his independence (big aha)
     how important it is for me to accept all parts of myself--even the areas I think are "less than" dark or ugly (biggest aha)
I truly enjoyed our session and am looking forward to experiencing it again when I have an opportunity to listen to the tapes.  Thank you."

"My session with you helped a lot of sadness, anger, and fear about life and those I have lost.  It is remarkable.  Also, with the added energy, I have done a lot with my year.  I have a greater sense of who I am and my purpose.  I seem to feel like I fit in my skin for the first time since I was a girl.  Thank you so much for all that you do."

"The LBL session with you cleaned out so many cobwebs and allowed me to move into my next mission in life."

"Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for the LBL session.I will try to continue to keep the channels open so that love and light can continues to fill me."

"I feel more connected with my true self and feel confident and focused on who I am and why I am here.  Even though it was a very difficult step for me to take (coming to the session) I am fortunate to have had the enlightening and wonderful experience.  I thank you, Lauren, for your loving nature."