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Life Between Lives – FAQ’s


Life Between Lives Sessions, in English, available in ECUADOR

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 *What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis (also called “trance”) is a relaxed body in conjunction with a focused conscious mind (in this day and age a hypnotist uses eye fixation, their voice, and suggested imagery as objects of focus). When these 2 things take place simultaneously a person is hypnotized and the unconscious (or subconscious) mind is wide open—like flower petals open to the sun.

 *Why is this important?
Remember the other 90% of the brain we don’t use?  That 90% resides in the unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind is also where all memory is stored, where all changes, learning, and habits reside.  It is also the conduit between your higher consciousness and your daily conscious mind.

*Is the session completely confidential?


*Is the session recorded?
  It is suggested that you bring a digital recording device--recordings on smart phones and tablets work very well.

 *Can Hypnosis make me do anything against my will?  Does the Hypnotist have any power over me?
Absolutely not!  Hypnosis is a collaborative effort by both parties.  Hypnosis can never make someone do anything that is not aligned with their morals or belief system.  Hypnotherapists use their skills to help clients and have no control over them. 

 *Can I be hypnotized?
Yes.  It is said we often walk around hypnotized. A few examples of times when you experience hypnosis in your daily life:  highway hypnosis, listening to advertisements on TV while laying on the sofa, staring, driving a car and forgetting where you are or driving to a place you hadn’t intended to go.

*How many sessions will this require?
The LBL process consists of 2 sessions.  The first session usually lasts about 2 hours and serves many purposes. It is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and become a team.  We learn what works the best for you and what needs different approaches.  It is a practice session that gives you an experience of hypnosis, going back in time in your current lifetime, to your time in the womb, and to a recent past life.  In hypnosis the more you practice and experience it, the easier it gets for you.  Above all, this session is necessary preparation for your second session, your 4 hour Life Between Lives session.  The 2 sessions can be scheduled as close as 2 days in a row (this option is mainly for clients that come from out of town and travel long distances to see me), usually are about a week apart, or longer if necessary.  In scheduling I make every attempt to meet your needs.  I only do one appointment a day so I can continue with you as long as necessary and usually conduct these sessions no more than 3 days a week.  Depending on your needs, the length of time to book an appointment with me can vary.

*What are the areas of consciousness that I hear about?
Every person has many levels, degrees, and grades of conscious awareness. Some of them are called “waking consciousness, deep sleep, dreaming, unconsciousness, sub-consciousness, and higher consciousness.”  The following 2 metaphors may be helpful in understanding this concept.

When we watch TV we cannot see, taste, feel, hear, or smell the programming until it is visible on the screen.  Yet we have no problem trusting that when we push a button we are sure we will tune in to a sporting event, music, the news, or history channel.  We know how to tune into different programming on TV better than how to tune into, or access, levels of our own consciousness!

If you’ve ever examined a drop of water on a slide through a microscope, you know that you see the same drop of water as completely different depending on whether you look through your naked eye, a 5 power lens, or a 25 power lens.  What lenses are we using to view ourselves?

*How can I be sure my experiences under hypnosis are “real”?
First be aware that these experiences come from within you and not from any other source.  Even if you feel you are imagining them, they still come from within your unconscious mind.  Imagination is often the beginning step for going deeper into hypnosis/trance.  Imagination is like the water that primes the pump to get more water.  For Hypnosis to best support you in your inner quest, you must commit to answer all questions from the hypnotherapist with whatever you see, hear inwardly, feel, sense, “know,” or whatever pops into your mind.  Analyzing this information and filtering it pops you right out of your unconscious mind back into your conscious mind and out of hypnosis.  If you commit to receiving information from your unconscious mind and transmitting it aloud, this will take you deeper into trance and the unconscious mind will correct any information that is not completely accurate.

*Do I disappear or go somewhere else when hypnotized?
Every person has their own unique experience of hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a learned skill (the more often you undergo hypnosis, the better you become at it) and, like all skills, some people are just naturals.  That said, there are degrees of hypnosis that are best suited to different outcomes.  For therapeutic purposes it is not a good idea to use somnambulistic or anesthetic techniques.  For an LBL session it is important for a client to participate in, to be aware, and to remember the session.  You may think of it as a split screen TV where one program (the body and its awareness) resides in the lower left small square of the screen and the consciousness of a past life or the Spirit World (the other program) is the big picture that takes up most of the screen.

*What if I am cold, thirsty, uncomfortable, need to go deeper, or need to go the bathroom? 
Ask! These things can be handled easily and comfortably while you are in trance.  If you don’t say anything and continue to think about what is “wrong” you are back in your conscious mind and out of hypnosis.  This session is all about meeting your objectives and your comfort and safety.

*Might I “suffer” re-experiencing prior pain or trauma?
Multiple safeguards are put in place to avoid specific, painful or traumatic incidents in your past and to maintain your safety and comfort.

 *What does a session feel like and how will I feel after?
Relaxing and relaxed.  You will experience greater enthusiasm for your life and greater insight into yourself.  Afterwords you possibly may feel a bit “spacey.”  You can easily ground yourself by taking a short walk outside.  You are also advised not to plan any other activities for the day so you can contemplate and integrate your experience. Having opened portals within, insights and information will continue to come to you via many means.

*I have more questions…

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